Writing on the Web.


This is Rachel McAlpine's antique web site

Writing on the Web was my first web site, where I learned to write HTML and experiment with web content. It's pretty much the same 1995 hand-crafted model, old-fashioned and chaotic, and I know it. I have no intention of updating the design or coding or content. It's my retro-playground, small and imperfectly formed.

Contented.com is the heart of my professional life. Contented (marketing alert) has fabulous online courses in business writing, accessible content and technical writing.

What to do with a digital relic?

I am fond of dear old Writing for the Web, and I reserve it for vaguely literary topics. Right now I don't care whether anyone visits, but hey, that may change one day.

Meantime, if you stumbled on this classical artefact, by all means browse if you feel like it. Or don't. At present Rachel-McAlpine-the-writer has nothing in particular to promote, market, swap, say or sell.*

*I lied

Humming: This "quintessential Kiwi gem" is now on Kindle. And what a bargain at $3.76! But I forgot to tell anyone, so it sits in a void with no reviews. Feel free to break the ice...
What the original readers said about Humming

Most of Rachel McAlpine's print books

Other areas where I work and play

Random literary videos Thin pickings: two poetry readings and a smidgen of a talk on writing for the joy of it.
Old Lady Laughing — a fairly dull blog about books, writing, and growing older.
Aybrow: my personal Twitter page — pretty much dead in the water.
Plain English Power Read it. Get it. New Zealand network of plain English supporters.
Crows Feet Dance Collective — the fabulous Wellington over-35 women dance group. Bow down before the dancing grannies!

Self-demotion: that was fun

I'm a Kiwi, and for us, blowing our own trumpet is difficult, unnatural and vaguely offensive. But that's what people do on the Web, isn't it? Also, I just broke several of my own rules for writing useful web content. Bye now. (Please don't buy anything.)

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